B, M & M; Review of Who moved my cheese, Strings & Bling and Perfume; The story of a murderer

B, M & M; Review of Who moved my cheese, Strings & Bling and Perfume; The story of a murderer

Hey guys!

So last week I updated on my Instagram the name of the book, music and movie that I will be binging on for the week (last week) Well, I am done now so let’s get into what I thought about these works of art.

Disclaimer: You will not agree with everything you’re about to read, and that is perfectly okay.

BOOK; Who moved my cheese by Dr. Spencer Johnson

This book is a short one, but powerful nevertheless. It gives you “an amazing way to deal with change in… your life.” 
In essence, this book is about change and it gives the illustration of four different characters that represent the four different ways that people respond to change.

Sniff is the guy that is able to sniff out change even before it happens and is able to go after it instead of waiting for it to happen to him.
Scurry is the guy that adapts easily to change. He might not see change coming but once change occurs, he immediately “scurries” after it without hesitation.

Hem and Haw are the guys that react strongly to change. When they find a comfortable situation, they instantly “hang up their running shoes” and settle down without thinking about the future. So when change happens to them, they are in a state of shock and do not know how to react. They protest vehemently against change even when it has already happened and there is nothing they can do.
However, while Haw finally comes to realize that he has to adapt to change and moves on, Hem holds on to an illusion of what life was like before change and refuses to adapt.

In life, only a little percentage of us are like Sniff and Scurry who are not afraid of change. Although in this book, the characters are explained through a story about “finding cheese” (cheese being an interchangeable term for change), it certainly does apply to us all. 

You get something you have wanted for such a long time and you hold on to it, and you can’t even see a future without it. Truth is, no matter what that thing you’re holding on to is, whether it’s your job, your family and even your life; you have to sit down and ask yourself, “What will happen if I don’t have this thing anymore?” Many of us reject change because it’s hard to accept no doubt but it is inevitable and the sooner we start asking ourselves (and answering) the hard questions, preparing our minds for the inevitable, the easier it will be to accept change and be better prepared when it eventually comes.

There are always consequences for not accepting change, imagine in this age of technology, someone stuck in the past insists on sending letters when he could simply use a text message. What do you think will happen to such a person? He’ll get left behind. From small to big changes, we have to learn to adapt and this book teaches you how. 

This book was a good read. You will definitely see yourself in one (or two) of the characters as you read. 

MUSIC; Nasty C’s Strings & Bling (Hiphop/Rap)

I love LOVE Nasty C! I fell in love with Nasty C after listening to his intro on “Particula” ft. Patoranking, Jidenna, Ice Prince. “Nobody’s tryna bring sand to the beach.” Succinct.
His flows seem effortless and let’s not forget he is a fine boy. Ahahn! Anyways, to why we are here; the Strings & Bling album is the bomb. Nasty C is basically trying to capture his life, pains and experiences, in this album and he nailed it. 

I will not attempt to really discuss what I think these songs mean cos that’s relative to the listener but I’ll just drop my favourite lines from my best tracks. 

My best song has to be the Strings & Bling;

“Strings and bling
The peace they bring
To me I sing”

“I tell my secrets to a bottle
I trusted over a couple people I know”

“Evil runs loose everyday and night
Love only visits on your birthday night
Can’t judge a torn soul till you felt its pain”

Up next is Jungle – 

“I was digging my grave and found gold…” 

“Lying is below me but if my nigga say he don’t know, I don’t know either

“All the little shit they used to say would ruin me
Turned me into a man and now nothing is new to me”

Finally, Send Me Away (feat. Rowlene)

“Into the dark I followed you
I should have known this ain’t the type of shit I go through.”

“But somehow my heart feels safer when you hold it
Like you not the one that broke it”

“I should have known you were hiding something
You laughed at everything he said
That nigga wasn’t even funny” 

Send Me Away always has me very emotional and before I know it, I’m holding the DSTV remote and screaming my lungs out like I’m the one they did wrong to. Lmao. It’s a little easy to guess what this song is about from the lyrics but I’ll leave that to you. 

The beat, tempo and rhythm is simply skillful; King, Do U Digg, Gravy, Legendary, Jiggy Jiggy, Everything (feat Karen Cruz), Another One Down. Ugh! I would like to pick my fav lines from all 17 songs but there’s no space biko. I normally use this album to vibe when I’m working and it’s a great “ginger -giver” if you know what that means.
Every song on this album tells a story, whether about love, pain, his experience growing up in the ghetto, betrayal, his being a “Casanova“, “Legendary” and more. My personal fav is “My baby” (it’s my hype anthem.)

This whole album is LIT. Period. 

MOVIE; Perfume; The story of a murderer

Believe me when I say, the movies gave me the chills! Personally, I am always interested in movies that explore the other side of human nature – like our mental or psycho capacity but this movie “offed” me, ah! Lemme just tell you what it’s about.

This guy, Jean Baptiste, who is the main character was born with a peculiar sense of smell that lets him smell, well, EVERYTHING. From mud, rain, stones to animals and people – and I don’t mean up close but from a distance. His nose is like a tracking device. Almost like a dog.

Now, Jean Baptiste was born into rather unfortunate circumstances; his mother was just another market wench in 18th century France. She had given birth to all her children in the dirty, smelly fish market and they had all been stillborns. She thought Jean Baptiste was stillborn as well and so she threw him into the garbage. However, Jean Baptiste, a new baby, starts to cry and other people in the market accuse her of trying to kill her son and she is immediately hung to death.

Anyways, Jean Baptiste grows up in the foster system, he has no friends and zero social abilities. He is sold and moves from one master to the other until he is finally sold to a perfume maker and that is when he decides that he wants to capture the scents of people to make his own, because he does not have any scent. In Jean Baptiste’s mind, what will make people like him (cos nobody does) is if he has a scent. 

One day, he follows the scent of a beautiful girl and in his creepy nature, scares her; she screams and in order not to attract attention, he covers her mouth and ends up snuffing out her breath. 

In a complicated procedure I cannot explain, he extracts her body scent and goes on a killing spree, killing 12 other girls, leaving their naked dead bodies in the streets and throwing the city into panic. At last, he is caught and when he is about to be hanged, he brings out the bottle containing the mixture of the 13 girl’s scents and this intoxicates the whole city who have come to watch the execution with the powerful perfume. It ends in a massive orgy and even the priest is not left out. 

Jean Baptists realizes he will still never have a scent and walks away, back to the fish market where he was born, pours all the perfume on himself and is devoured (yes, eaten) by the people at the market and nothing is left of him but his clothes. 

At this point, you probably have many questions but so do I. I have watched this movie a lot of times but I still cannot why a person’s mental capacity can be that f**ked. 

That’s all for this week guys, which one of these have you read/listened to/watched?

Next week, I’ll be having;
Book – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson
Music on repeat – Sauti Sol’s album, Midnight Train
Movie – Fractured

N.B – I’ll be reviewing all these next week as well so join me to read, listen and watch. Stay tuned. If you have a book, music or movie you’d like me to review, feel free to suggest and I will, definitely.

Have a great week ahead guys!

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June 2020