It’s my birthday!; Letter to my younger self

It’s my birthday!; Letter to my younger self

I am writing this on a day before my birthday, July 1st 2020, 1:45 PM. I was supposed to do this by 12:30 according to my daily planner but yunno, procrastination and other distractions 😄😃😅. The other thing is that I really do not know what to say to my younger self if I saw her. 😕

Disclaimer: You will not agree with everything you’re about to read, and that is perfectly okay.

But I am going to try anyway. LOL, I saw this idea somewhere and “they said” it’s a nice thing to do and what not so I decided, why not? 

Here goes!

Letter to my younger self,

Hey boo, this is a letter from your older self (older not by much but whatever – you’re younger and I’m older so dazzit. 🙄) While I am still processing what I would like you to know, I want to tell you to keep your stubbornness intact – it will help you to avoid a lot of bullshit from people and hold your head high even when you don’t feel like it.

But you overdo it Sweet, sometimes you are wrong and you are so used to being correct that you never want to admit it when you’re wrong. I want you to know that it is not a weakness but strength when you openly accept criticism from other people. You just have to sift through all that new information to know which is applicable to you and which ones need to be donated to LAWMA. Quick commercial, I’ll be right back.

It’s 7:30 PM. 

2018 will hit you hard and 2019 will be worse, especially around this period too. You’ll get tested and you’ll lose yourself so many times you’ll wonder if there’s a reason you’re on this earth at all. But when you finally find yourself, it will be a beautiful thing. Slowly, but surely, you will retrace your steps and begin to detach yourself from relationships and things that don’t matter. You will begin to find your purpose and get rid of all that doesn’t align with your purpose.

You’re beautiful Sweet, it’s a shame you don’t realize it sooner – but you are, in and out. I’ll like you to know that your brain is not the only thing that attracts people to you – you’re smart (too smart for your own good bruh), you’re beautiful, you’re caring, you don’t think twice before sacrificing or putting yourself on the line for people you love.
It’s beautiful how you’re so ready to make a fool out of yourself just to put a smile on someone else’s face or how you can readily stop whatever you’re doing just to listen and help a friend through a problem. 

And your strength? How strong you can be is so baffling and you will not realize it until grief comes knocking on your door and you have to open up. It will weaken you and make you question a lot of things you used to believe in but you will be better for it. It will make you open up and start to let people in – something that is so hard for you to do. 

STOP holding everything in and tighting the world to your chest! You will have so many people around you that love you and are willing to help you through difficult times but it’s up to you to see that. It’s up to you to know that the walls you have built up around you are no longer strengths but weaknesses. It’s up to you to decide to not always carry the weight of the world because you only have two hands plus, nobody sent you message.  

You have always avoided been at the centre of attention. Well, here is a shocker; the leadership you’re running from will be placed on your shoulders by nobody but yourself. Lmao, ironical isn’t it? It’s because your desire to help people will outweigh any personal discomfort you may experience while being in the spot. 

Sweet, you will learn to love yourself better than you do. You will not have unnecessary pride anymore that made you think you’re better than everyone but one that attracts people to you and helps you to retain your dignity even in the most difficult situations. 

I am sorry to say but guy, you’re still very much single and there’s no prince charming in sight 😂😂😂 but thankfully you have never attached your value to any person but yourself.
Your wedding will be holding in 2022, with or without a husband! There’s a beautiful Valdrin Sahiti dress waiting for you! 

You’re a workaholic that doesn’t stop until she gets the results she wants and ugh, calm down sis 😐😑 Not to worry, you will find a better way to be efficient and still manage your relationships well. Thank God for books! 📚

I love you bruh, but God loves you more. I mean, He always comes through for you even when you turn your back on Him. Thankfully, you will have more sense not to do this in future. 

There’s gonna be a pandemic babe, and there’s gonna be fear, death and uncertainty round the world. But in the midst of the chaos is when you will find yourself. 💗🙏

You’re going to become so unafraid to fail, it’s going to be quite scary – which is kinda an extreme considering you’re scared of anything that could potentially embarrass you (i.e failure). You will realize that you can do anything once you involve God and put your mind to it.

And you will realize that it doesn’t matter if you fail, because failure is closer to success than inaction. 


Oh and you’re gonna cut your hair and look like you did in SS1. LOL.😋🤣🤣

And don’t get it twisted, you still get coconut head and you no dey hear word. (You’ll understand this when you get to 2020.) But you will learn when to be rigid and when to be flexible. 

N.B – You still give the best advice, only now you actually kind of, maybe, take your own advice. Kizzez 😘👄✨

Favour from the Future.

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July 2020