7 traumatic experiences every Nigerian child has experienced

7 traumatic experiences every Nigerian child has experienced

First of all, I put it to you that being Nigerian alone should be something you can put on your CV as per years of experience. My Lord may I?

Disclaimer: You will not agree with everything you’re about to read, and that is perfectly okay.

Here goes;

When you report your sibling to your parent but get beaten instead.

And now you are very sure that you are adopted so you’re planning to leave home and find your rich parents.

One question though, how will you feed?

When something spoils and you’re the only one around when it did…

So you must be the culprit and get treated like a criminal. But shey you people know that spirits exist abi? Hold 3 eggs and call Sango three times by 3 AM if e sure for you

(Nonsense and ingredients)

When you actually commit a crime and do everything to hide it and deny when you’re asked.

But then you’re caught and taken to church for deliverance because you’re not only a thief, you’re now a liar so Legion must be removed from your body.

(Processing humiliation)

When you mistakenly prepare rubbish food and your mother prepares a table before you to finish everything.

Because her mother did not let her waste food so she won’t give you that luxury. Happy salty rice eating. 

(Undignified helplessness)

When one mistake defines the rest of your life literally.

I mean, is it because I prepared rice with too much salt that every other time you’re shouting “Don’t poison us with salt o!” You think eating one pot of salty rice wasn’t enough to reset my brain? 

(Irritated anger)

When you did not read your mother’s eye signal correctly and you ate that sweet jollof rice Mama Nkechi offered.

Now you will pay for the consequences of your action.

When you mistakenly insult that aunty you hate so much…

And your mother has to beg on your behalf so your name will not be called 3 times by 3 AM.

The only thing is that she did call your name and now you can’t find your right ear. Maybe that’s why you no dey hear word?

(Hidden mockery)
Which one can you relate to the most? Tell me in the comments! 😂👇

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July 2020