10 things I would like to have if I was stranded on a desert

10 things I would like to have if I was stranded on a desert

No, no, no – I shalln’t be in such a position. Just like I never plan to be stranded on water and fight off sharks or anything. But life happens so if I ended up stranded in a desert, here are 10 things I would like to have. 😁

Disclaimer: You will not agree with everything you’re about to read, and that is perfectly okay.

Here goes but first, do not be disappointed with this list because I did not research or anything. I just guessed and guessed and voila! 😂😂😂

  • Water – I don’t know but is there a way I can get like 100 tanks of drinkable water to this desert because I am not about to die of thirst before I even try to survive. But wait, how long am I staying here? And I hope there are no wild animals please.
(Processing information)
  • Notebook and pen – For documentation, so that I can make some cool bucks when I finally leave the desert. Which will it be though? A movie or a book? That’s if I don’t sleep throughout and wake up at intervals to eat and drink.
(Appreciating self-discovery)
  • FOOD – Why didn’t this come first? Canned or stored food of course, ain’t no egusi in the desert. Is there a way I can get canned spaghetti though?
(Impossible is nothing)
  • Flashlight – To see evil
(Wild animals be out here wilding)
  • Sunscreen – Lots and lots of sunscreen! I’m not about to damage this beautiful skin because I’m in a desert. Local girl must stay fresh always! But, exactly how much sunscreen will I even need?
(Appreciating freshness)
  • Scores of blankets and pillows  – Because local girl will not freeze to death at night. Oh and add a huge teddy bear please for snuggles and cuddles!
    N.B – I should probably be talking about taking matches or a source of fire instead. Lol
(Cold laughing at your stupidity)
  • Change of clothes – Desert bound don’t mean I gotta stink! How will I baff though???
(Processing resignation)
  • My Glasses – With which to see evil before he reaches me
  • Jesus Sandals – The type that Israelites used to trek through the wilderness so that hot sand won’t burn my feet
(Feet feels and bliss)
  • A Knife – Do I really need to state the purpose of this?


  • Alarm Clock – So I can wake up from this foolish dream!
(Processing shock)

What did I miss? 

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  • First of all I think you’re crazy😂, cause technically your plan involves being ”stuck” with a suitcase cause I don’t see how any of this would be possible if not😂. From what I see, you plan to take a vacation in a dessert!😁

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