If Coco could tell me one word, it would be, “leave me the f*ck alone!”
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If Coco could tell me one word, it would be, “leave me the f*ck alone!”

Actually, one exclamation mark does not do justice, a better description would be screaming at me in a voice similar to that of a banshee.
And don’t tell me “leave me alone,” is a phrase. I know this. It just fits, okay?
I do wonder what Coco’s voice sounds like though. Hmmm.๐Ÿค”

You’re probably wondering, “Why?” And more importantly, “Who is Coco?”

Well, first things first.

Why? Because I can’t resist touching Coco. He fidgets and scrambles to get out of my grasp but he is just so warm to touch and so I tighten my grip around him, sucking in his warmth and preventing him from moving. I don’t really care if he’s suffocating.
You probably think I am selfish but wait, I’m not done…

Who is Coco?

Coco is my little brother’s cat. Yeah, he’s a cat. And right about now, it’s dawning on you that, “Oh, maybe she doesn’t have psychopathic tendencies after all.” Haha. Gotcha.

I always thought I’d get a dog if I ever got to have a pet. But Coco changed that perception of mine. Coco is the sweetest furry thing I ever met!

But that is also the problem I guess.

I CANNOT walk past Coco without stroking his fur with my fingers, just letting them glide over; tickle his stomach, stroke his back while cooing stupidly (you know those foreign gibberish that only babies and pets seem to bring out of human adults and make them look so ridiculous? Basically, an agbaya? Yeah that one.)

Sometimes I grab him off the ground while he meows and claws helplessly; sit him to face me and I just stare at his eyes. He’s got these amazing green eyes that just makes you want to stare forever. He looks away and I tilt his head to face me again.

I don’t know if he likes being carried or petted. Okay wait, I know he does but I also know it’s not for as long as I’d like to and yet, I don’t let him go.

This behaviour reminds me of someone. ๐Ÿค”

It reminds me of myself. It also reminds me of you and everyone else that I have ever met.

We’re all wearing the same shoes. You know, not giving a sh*t about someone else as long as it benefits you. Maybe it is intentional, maybe it is not. But you do it.

It’s easy to overlook the next person’s needs as long as yours is being met and I totally agree that it is not possible to go about displeasing yourself so everyone else is good. Still, where do you draw the line?

There are always pointers, signs that go, “Hey, this thing you’re doing, stop.” (say that again in an African parent’s voice).
It is really up to you to listen and adjust accordingly.
There are times you could choose to just give up your own satisfaction just so that someone else can be satisfied or have their way.

I mean, what is life without sacrifice? We’re here because of the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross. It’s not beyond us to do the same for our neighbour.

Also, do you know when to let go?

Coco likes to be carried, yes. But not for long so I have to learn to adjust my needs to what he can offer. Either that or I get something that can fulfil my need for tight hugging for hours.
Something that is definitely not a living thing. Something like a teddy bear.

See where I am going? No? All I am saying is:

  • Your needs are your priority but sometimes (most times actually), sacrifice becomes necessary.
  • Tailor your needs to what the person you’re asking them of can offer. It’s either that or you find someone/something who can accommodate your needs without a fuss. Saves you a ton of stress. You don’t need stress.

Honestly though, I cannot assure you that I will be changing my attitude towards Coco anytime soon though.๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

Oh, here’s a picture of Coco:

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See you next time. Until then, don’t be good. โค

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