Ever heard the story of the monkeys locked up in a room? Well, here it is…

Ever heard the story of the monkeys locked up in a room? Well, here it is…

A group of monkeys are placed in a room, locked up. Maybe it’s a chance to escape, maybe it isn’t – but there is a ladder at the centre of the room, leading to a hole in the ceiling.

This first set of monkeys obviously do not want to stay caged so they begin to look for a way out. One particularly brave monkey climbs up the ladder and when he gets to the top, pushes the hatch to what he believes is freedom. But then, a surprising thing happens…

Water pours in from the open hatch! And the “hero” monkey along all the others on the ground are drenched in cold, cold water. Yikes!

Apprehensive but wanting to make sure what was happening was really happening, two other monkeys try out the hatch but the same thing happens, leaving the monkeys sad and discouraged.

The next day, a fourth monkey tries it again but this time, the other monkeys gather round and beat him after another round of drenching.
Better locked up than wet! They must have thought. Besides, it wasn’t looking like there was anyway out so better to stay put and make do with what they had.

A week after, the pioneer monkey happens to be taken away from the room and is replaced with a new monkey. This monkey, like all the other monkeys used to be, sought his freedom immediately he heard the click of the cage shutting. He quickly got to work, looking for exits as the other monkeys looked warily at him.

He soon took hold of the ladder with one hand, willing to climb up, when all the hitherto idle monkeys pounced upon him heavily and almost beat the life out of him. The new monkey surprised at this treatment but not wanting to attract it again never went near the ladder. The other monkeys just didn’t want to get drenched but this new monkey had no way of knowing that so he quickly readjusted to his new life.

Another week came and another old occupant was replaced with a new one. The same events reoccurred, old occupants beating the new occupant – this time joined by the latest occupant from the previous week who had no idea why this new occupant was being beaten but also kind of thankful that he got to beat someone else just like he was beaten.
Hey, it was quite a stress reliever from being locked up in there doing nothing.
And just maybe, it could be a kind of welcome ritual for a new occupant. Who knows?

And so it went on… old occupants beating new occupant who got too close to the ladder – and every new monkey did! Little by little, all thoughts of freedom were replaced by the resignation that there would never be a way out.

Soon enough, all the old occupants had been replaced by new monkeys none of who knew why anyone who got close to the ladder got beaten. But that did not stop the tradition from continuing, the new group of monkeys carried on beating every new addition that ventured close to the ladder.

Now what comes to your mind after hearing a story like this? TRADITION!

There’s that thing that you keep doing, even though you have no idea why. You just know, “Hey, everyone’s doing it so why shouldn’t I?”
You brush your teeth every morning… but is it because your parents made you do so all your childhood or because you want to maintain your oral health? Therein lies the difference.
Everything that you do has a reason and you of all people should know why.

Think of these scenarios…

What if each new monkey had abstained from participating in the beating of a new occupant? It would probably have gotten to the point where the only monkeys in the room were the new ones and maybe, just maybe, they would have found a way out.
What if the monkeys had actually chilled to find out why the water thing was happening anytime the hatch was pulled? Maybe they’d have found a way out!

There are a lot of waysss the situation could have played out if they got rid of their fear and just found out “why.”

When purpose is unknown, abuse is inevitable.

– Myles Munroe.

That’s it guys. Always know why! Ciao!

Stay happy, stay bad,
Your favourite Wolf. ✨

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